Crop Diversity on US Native Lands

About this Dashboard The Crop Diversity Dashboard is an estimate of the relative diversity of crops grown on tribal lands. We use the Simpson’s Index of Diversity to estimate crop diversity from both the variety of crops grown and their respective acres within each reservation, with 0 meaning no crop diversity and 1 meaning infinite […]

Species Richness on US Native Lands

About this Dashboard Water Stress Categories 0 Native Land Areas 0 Datasets utilized 0 Possible Visualizations 0 About the Data This data comes from the Species Habitat Richness 2008-2016 from USGS, which identifies the species richness for 43 species of amphibians, 163 species of birds, 72 species of mammals, and 54 species of reptiles. This […]

Soil Organic Carbon for Land Planning on Native Lands

About this Dashboard This data dashboard summarizes past and present Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) data for all Native Lands but also future estimates depending on different agricultural scenarios. Data comes from the Soils Survey Geographic Database (SSURGO) for past and most to date available values (2019 and 2021). For future scenarios, we used estimates from […]

Intact Habitat on US Native Lands

This layer represents modeled Intact Habitat Cores, or minimally disturbed natural areas at least 100 acres in size and greater than 200 meters wide.

Intact Habitat Selector Tool

Explore and filter a national database of intact landscape cores to identify important habitat your tribe seeks to protect based on species richness, water availability, landscape variability, soils, etc.

Key Biodiversity Areas: A Tool for Tribal Climate Planning?

By Aude K. Chesnais “At a time where climate planning becomes urgent and global attention is increasing on the ecological value of land, Native Peoples’ land stewardship practices may well gain in recognition, which could strengthen tribal sovereignty in the US” Today, Indigenous peoples manage 80% of the world’s biodiversity, yet they receive only 0.74% […]

Land Covers on Native Lands in the Coterminous United States

About this Dashboard This data dashboard summarizes the total area for 16 land covers for 848 native land areas (reservations and off reservation trust lands) in the conterminous United States for 2001, 2004, 2006, 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2019. 0 Unique Land Covers 0 Native Land Areas 0 Years of Coverage 0 Data Visualizations 0 […]