Amplifying Indigenous Data Sovereignty on National Data Privacy Day

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January 28th is National Data Privacy Day. National Data Privacy Day is observed across the globe to raise awareness about the importance of employing trustworthy and ethical data collection methods and protecting citizen privacy. In an ever-evolving technological age, today serves as a reminder for us all to take steps to safeguard our (and our […]

Soil Organic Carbon Planning, Key to Building Tribal Climate Resiliency

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As tribes continue to experience the impacts of climate change on their lands and communities, they are starting to invest more of their resources and planning strategies into protecting and enhancing their soil organic carbon (SOC). In this blog post, we discuss ways that tribal land caretakers can use our Soil Organic Carbon Dashboard, which […]

Assessing Food Resilience on Native Reservations: the Good Food Access Indicator

If you do a quick Google search of food access on Native American reservations, odds are that you will find a plethora of articles that summarize the reservation food narrative using the following keywords: “food desert,” “food insecurity,” and “food poverty.” Although recognizing this reality is important –and the necessary first step to securing federal […]

NLAP Collaborates on Special Journal Publication About Tribal Data Sovereignty

Published in the most recent Environment and Planning F issue, NLAP and leading Indigenous scholars Joseph P. Brewer II, Stephanie Russo Caroll, and Michael Kotutwa Johnson write about tribal data accessibility and equity in “Life and Times of Data Access: Regarding Native Lands.” At a time where reliable data are considered paramount to successful projects, […]

Introducing New Resource Tools for Grassland Protection and Restoration

NLAP is happy to announce two new resource tools for grassland and biodiversity protection: our storymap, Grasslands: The Land and the People that Call it Home, and our Conservation Reserve Program Dashboard! Together, these tools explore the history of one of the land’s most precious communities and opportunities for their continued restoration. Grasslands Storymap Before […]

2023 Farm Bill: Native Farm Bill Coalition Priorities & How the NLIS Can Help

By Raven McMullin It goes without saying that the food system in the United States was created without the intent of maintaining or supporting traditional Native foodways.  In fact, more than neglecting these traditional systems, new settlers sought to destroy Native food sources and economies—forcing dependence upon a strange and commodified food chain. However, traditional […]

New Demographic Features Added to NLAP’s Agriculture on Native Lands Data Dashboard

By Raven McMullin and Emma Scheerer Through previous blog posts, story maps, and data dashboards, the Native Lands Advocacy Project (NLAP) has embarked on an extensive and critical analysis of the state of agriculture on Native land. In presenting this data (which is sourced from the USDA’s Census of Agriculture for American Indian Reservations) in […]

Announcing Our New Storymap: The Legacy of Allotment on Contemporary Native Agriculture

What did early reservation agriculture look like? What is the settler colonial myth, and how has it distorted the perception of Native agriculture? What is the historical legacy of allotment? How are Native communities actively resisting and healing from this legacy? The Native Lands Advocacy Project is thrilled to announce our newest storymap: The Legacy of […]

NLAP Welcomes Three New Members to the Team!

The Native Lands Advocacy Project is pleased to announce Chase Christopherson, Emma Scheerer, and Seanna Pieper-Jordan to the team! Chase will be working as NLAP’s Agriculture and Natural Resource Specialist, assisting the team through outreach to Tribes and Native organizations and the development of interactive planning and decision support tools on the NLIS website. Emma and […]