Assessing Food Resilience on Native Reservations: the Good Food Access Indicator

If you do a quick Google search of food access on Native American reservations, odds are that you will find a plethora of articles that summarize the reservation food narrative using the following keywords: “food desert,” “food insecurity,” and “food poverty.” Although recognizing this reality is important –and the necessary first step to securing federal […]

ARMP-IRMP-Data Portal

ARMP-IRMP Planning Portal A Toolkit for Tribal Resource Management Plans Welcome to the ARMP-IRMP Data Portal This resource was developed by the Native Lands Advocacy Project in partnership with the Intertribal Agriculture Council and the Indian Land Tenure Foundation to assist Tribes in the development of Agriculture Resource Management Plans (ARMPs) and Integrated Resources Management Plans […]

How Much Discriminatory Lending Practices Impact Agricultural Revenue on US Native Land

By Aude K. Chesnais Introduction: Lending and Debt on US Native Land In 2018, the Keepseagle settlement shed light on widespread lending discrimination across the native agricultural landscape. Native Americans sued the US Department of Agriculture in an attempt to settle historical lending discrimination, which resulted in a 720 million dollar settlement, split between individual […]

Bison numbers increase a whopping 1031% on Native Lands!

Bison numbers increased by a whopping 1031% between 2012 and 2017 on Native American Lands. This increase far outpaces the increase in the number of bison nationally which was only 13.36%.

This is according to data from Census of Agriculture for American Indian Reservations in a newly compiled data dashboard developed by the Native Land Information System. According to the data, the bison population on native-operated farms increased over 10 fold from 308 to 3486 heads.

FSTI 2020-TOP 10 Native Lands

FSTI Top 10 Native Lands This dashboard showcases the top 10 ranking Native Lands of the Food-System Transition Index 2020. This snapshot gives us insights into the social-demographic, economic and geographic characteristics of each top 10 territory to try to identify patterns that might explain their high ranking. About the Top 10 Dashboard We created […]